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The labor rate for coin changers, bill acceptors, and control boards are covered in this category. The cost for the parts required to repair the item and return shipping is additional.

The objective of this section is to display our labor repair rates and it should NOT be used to purchase an item. If you need a working replacement component shipped promptly please check the Advance Replacement category. When ordering from the Advance Replacement category be sure to review the top text as a repairable core unit must be returned.

When sending your components for repair please ship them to Capital Vending, 13581 Virginia Manor Rd, Laurel, MD 20707. Include a note inside the box stating that the unit is in for repair and your order number if possible. Please state your contact info as well. The turn-around time for repairs is typically 5 days.

  Catalog > Repair Services - Bill Validators, Coin Changers, Control Boards, Hoppers, & Programmers
Bill validators

Coin changers

Control boards and keypads


Rowe stacker assemblies and coin dispenser assemblies

Rebuild turn handle - Antares

Update programmers / repair test fixtures

Cash Dispensers

Coinco B, Mag, & Mag Pro series validators-labor cost
Price: $ 45.00
Rowe OBA Flat Rate Repair
Price: $ 99.00
3000 and 9000 series 3 tube changers- includes models 334xS and 93xxL labor rate
Price: $ 39.00
Labor Mars VN2000 series
Price: $ 45.00
Reconfigure Antares turn handle for different price
Price: $ 15.00
Labor Maka NB & NB2 series validators
Price: $ 45.00
Labor Mars VFM series
Price: $ 45.00
S75 single price changer - includes models S75-9800 A, B, and C labor rate
Price: $ 49.00
Coinco MC2600 Series Flat Rate Repair
Price: $ 99.00
Lektrovend VS99 C board
Price: $ 135.00
Labor Rowe 45085902 Century board
Price: $ 135.00
Labor Rate for - Coinco Bill Pro series BP2 & BP4
Price: $ 45.00

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