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We offer cross-over harnesses from the control board to a validator for a Dixie Narco, Automatic Products, Vendo or RPD machine, cross-over harnesses from a coin changer to a validator, pin out adapters, validator power and extension harnesses and a harness from the control board to Dex.

  Catalog > Harnesses: cross-over, power, extension, validator installation, DEX, MDB, jumpers
Validator to validator cross-over harnesses

Validator power - 120vac, 24vac, 12vdc

Validator - MDB

Jumpers - validator enable, general

Extension harnesses

Control board to validator - MDB and pulse

Dex harness from control board

Coin changer to validator & pin-out adapters

Coin changer to display

Power cord - wall outlet to machine

Capital Vending product harnesses

Harnesses for programmers

Custom harnesses & power harnesses for control boards

Amusement harnesses

Replace a Maka 24v with a Mars VN/VFM 24v
Price: $ 15.24
Replace a Maka/Conlux 120v validator with a Mars VN/VFM validator 120vac
Price: $ 15.00
MEI 24VAC power harness - pulse interface
Price: $ 15.00
MDB harness for MEI
Price: $ 15.00
DN S2 & S2D to 120v pulse validator
Price: $ 34.99
MEI enable jumper for VN25xx validator OEM# 250074011
Price: $ 8.50
Replace a Maka 120v with a Coinco B Validator
Price: $ 15.00
120vac power harness - pulse interface
Price: $ 15.00
Replace a Coinco B validator with a Mars/MEI 120v
Price: $ 15.00
DN S2 & S2D to MDB harness
Price: $ 34.99
AP 7000/6000 to 120v Mars VN2501U5 validator to accept $5
Price: $ 39.99
American Changer - replace Coinco B with a MEI/Mars - 120vac
Price: $ 49.99

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